CSC 322 Fall 2007


Aaron Williams
haron uvic ca
ECS 621

Final Grades

Unofficial grades
Final Exam
Material on the Final Exam
Material on the Midterm
Assignment 1 (Due Thursday, September 27)
Assignment 2 (Due Monday, October 22)
Set up for Assignment 2
  1. Install SWI-5.6.41 from the link below. This creates a Prolog directory where the interpreter will look for programs.
  2. Unzip the textbook programs from the link below. This creates a directory called mlcs-src. Within that directory are directories called bdd and common.
  3. Copy the bdd and common directories into your Prolog directory.
  4. Copy and into your Prolog directory from the links below.
  5. Start the interpreter and use the commands consult(bdd/bdd), consult(bdd/bdd-t), consult(bdd/bddwrite), consult(combo), consult(numSAT).
  6. Good luck!
Assignment 3 (Due Thursday, November 8)
Assignment 4 (Due Thursday, November 29)
Solution 1
Solution 2
Solution 3
Solution 4
Prolog Resources
Installation for SWI-5.6.41
Programs from the textbook including BDD functions
numSAT (save as in your Prolog directory)
Cool-lex for combinations (save as in your Prolog directory)
Tutorial and first program (save as in your Prolog directory)
Additional programs (save as in your Prolog directory)
More information on Prolog's unification and resolution algorithms.