Gordon Schneider

This is a project quite different from all the other above projects. Bruce Shapiro, in his “The Art of Motion Control” web site, described his design of an EggBot to teach kids about software and motion control. This is our attempt to replicate his idea. Our challenge is how to interface an EggBot with an OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) which only has an USB port. Fortunately, with the help of an Arduino (USB interface) and two EasyDriver (stepper motor) boards, we were able to reduce the overall complexity of  our design. It is now feasible for a kid to assemble the whole EggBot plus an OLPC with some simple instructions. We program our EggBot using LOGO, a Visual Turtle Geometry language. Gordon describes his engineering steps here plus our EggBot in action demo videos. Enjoy!

(Note: Our EggBot was designed and built by Guy Pommares and Sean McConkey of our Design Engineering Office at the University of Victoria. Gordon did the software and hardware interfaces.)